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The first school of EtonHouse Malaysia (EHM) opened its doors on October 10th, 2010. Since that day, the school has been fully dedicated to inquiry-based learning. In addition to recognizing the importance of academic achievements, EHM also emphasizes educating the whole child, catering for the physical, emotional and social needs of every student.

Please take some time to explore our website, taking into account that the full EtonHouse Malaysia impression can only be achieved when walking through our gates. EtonHouse Malaysia is housed in a couple of beautiful colonial buildings, complete with its own gardens for our students to explore. The campus itself is located in the center of Kuala Lumpur, merely a short walk from KL City Park and the famous Petronas Twin Towers/business hub.

Our students learn in a multicultural community where each person is respected regardless of nationality, race, or religion. Students discover the world, its people, and its cultures through direct experience. Through play, study, and the relationships they form, students at EHM learn to appreciate their own strengths and to respect differences. EHM values the diversity that our students and families bring to us, and feels privileged to offer them an international education in the multicultural city that is Kuala Lumpur.

School-wide initiatives such as a piano in the corridor for children to play when passing by, during break or lunchtime, provide an excellent avenue for inspiring love for music from an early age. Maths No Problem, a Singaporean maths approach is implemented at EHM, focusing on concrete, pictorial, abstract approach for inquiry-based mathematical concepts. Our multi-sports court and a 6 on 6 grass football pitch has encouraged an upturn of sporting achievements and culture at EHM. EHM is a fully inclusive school, leading the way in Malaysia with inclusive education. Our push-in approach for those receiving instructional support, provides authentic, meaningful learning experiences to promote well rounded students.

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6 Reviews of EtonHouse Malaysia (EHM)

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Overall 3.90
Facilities 5.00
Academics 5.00
Teachers 5.00
Sports 5.00
Music & Arts 5.00
Science & Tech 5.00

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Petrina Chong, 15/12/2021 @ 14:12:01
Relationship   Parent

Music & Arts

A school that focuses on the individual child’s development, not just exam results. Teachers care about the students and are in constant communication with parents. The school’s senior management team also put in effort to know each child by name. All in, it feels more like one big family.

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Alistair Redman, 2 years ago

I have two children going to this school and they absolutely love it. They are signed up to after school activities everyday. Their teachers are very well qualified, friendly towards the children and passionate in their teachings. The school is led by a very professional and forward thinking principle. Highly recommended.

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Fanny Ramirez, 5 months ago

My son attended this school for one year. The teachers were great, I loved the IB program, I liked that it was a small school with a nice garden and lots of international students and teachers and not as expensive as other international schools in KL. However the administration and finances are a disaster. During this year I heard many complaints from teachers, parents ans students because the lack of resources (poor meals, lack of materials, and even for the uniforms I had to wait more than 2 months to be able to buy one because they were always out of stock). Then to get back my refund it was a nightmare, I notified 2.5 months before that we were leaving (more than required) and I finally got my deposit more than 3 months after we left (5.5 month in total) and this after many emails, calls and thousands of excuses from them, every week they started by saying that they were going to transfer and every week ended with a new excuse. Ah and please if you send your kids here never hire Ms Maria as driver for your kids, it was recommended by the school but she turned out to be a very impolite and rude, complaining all the time because the traffic, the police and more... she shouldn't be driving kids.

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Mumtotwo Chew, 11 months ago

Avoid at all costs - literally The owner cannot stop interfering and cannot keep staff due to poor payment and overbearing presence, it is a pity, my two liked this school. The last headmaster was good but did not last, same the one before, we pity those who have remained to teach due to contracts not expiring - or she will charge them if they go early. So many teachers left this summer we heard but the owner does not update the webpage or it will look bad. Schools are not a business and should not be run as one. The food is awful and parents and children complained. What happened to our fees no one knew as the grounds are not maintained to a proper standard. Deposits are returned late only after saying you will take action.Not the caring environment the out of date webpage talks about.

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John Michael Sunderland, 12 months ago

My child enjoyed his time at this school. He made some great friends and had grown to love arts. It is located in the heart of KL, next to the Japanese embassy. Although the building is not as fancy as other international schools, they have unique facilities such as artificial lakes during the rainy season. They also have mosquitos and heavy logs to play with during recess. EtonHouse really teaches students how to be patient when waiting for their turn at one of the limited number of toilets. The same experience goes for the parents when they are waiting for their refund. The resources are of a classical nature, some of them dating back 9 years. It would be wise to tour the school during lunch hours to see how much food is being wasted. Alternatively you could watch Oliver Twist to give you an idea of the school food.

Google logoRating: 

Lara Morgan, 11 months ago

Good luck getting your deposit back. The previous Principal was abruptly fired & no details were provided. A month later it was brought up at a meeting & it was a complete farce. Avoid this school at all costs.

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