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Copenhagen, Denmark 

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The international section of the Bernadotte School, The Little House, is an international school in Denmark that offers education from pre-school to 9th grade (age group 6 - 15 years). It is important to note that we are Danish and not an American or British international school, and that our working methods, philosophy and the general ambience of the school will reflect this difference.

The Scandinavian tradition of openness, tolerance and freedom of mind also shows in its educational systems. Knowledge and learning are seen as tools that enhance the individual's understanding and appreciation of life, rather than being a checklist of academic goals that can be pursued in isolation. It is our experience that the skills and strengths that our system fosters stand the student in good stead for any academic study undertaken in later life.

Bernadotte School is run democratically, as it would not be in keeping with the school's aims to reserve decision-making for a chosen few. Parents, students and teachers all have influence in the running of the school, both on a day-to-day level, and in liaison with each other through their respective representative bodies.





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16 other schools in Copenhagen

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Kaja Potter, 2 years ago

Fantastisk skole. Alle børn burde går der!!!


DETWANG, 2 years ago

Fantastisk sted med passioneret og dygtige undervisere


Luna amalie Thorup, 4 years ago

Jeg elsker den skole... Klart anbefales


Mads Overskov Nielsen, 2 years ago

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