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Aspiration International Secondary School (AISS) recognises the fast-changing demands of modern society and the ever-evolving marketplace. In addition to academic qualifications, there is a need for creativity, interpersonal skills, leadership, and character. Here, we aim to prepare the workforce of the future by laying a solid foundation of holistic secondary education. Curricular learning plus so much more.

Every child is an individual. We note that an increasing number of students find it more , increasing and more difficult to thrive in mainstream schools. AISS aims to provide a conducive learning environment for individuals while emphasizing the inter-connectivity among learners.

Currently, AISS offers the lower secondary KS3 curriculum for Year 7, 8 and 9 (ages 11 -15 years) and the upper secondary KS4 curriculum for Year 10 and 11 (ages 14 – 17 years). The Year 11s will sit for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). The examination is a combination of papers from the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE). The primary school for Year 1 to 6 and the Advance Levels for Year 12 and 13 are in the pipeline.

In a nutshell, AISS offers a progressive and innovative learning experience at reasonable school fees. Join us now on this aspirational learning adventure. Towards better things!

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5 Reviews of Aspiration International Secondary School (AISS)

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Joyce Yoong, a year ago

Proud to be a parent of this school that have provided me with a worry-free experience. I didn’t have to continuously monitor school progress and his development as a student. AISS have an open atmosphere where students can be themselves without fear and students and parents can develop new friendship and build a community. There are equal emphases on studies, sports, arts and character development for a holistic education with passionate and quality teachers to give the students the support required to excel.

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Melanie Oh, a year ago

AISS approaches education in a holistic way. Students are exposed to a myriad of subjects and extra curricular activities, not only focused on the academic but which also build character. Teachers are genuinely passionate about teaching and turnover is low. For the first time, my kids are actually chasing me to get them to school early and not the other way around. After attending AISS for 2 months, my son in Year 7 confessed... "I've never liked going to school. But now I look forward to it. I can't believe it!" So I asked him why. He said because the lessons are actually interesting! At XXXXXXXXXXX (previous school) I only looked forward to seeing my friends.

Google logoRating: 

Daniel Arendzen, a year ago

Obviously, I am not a Malaysian. So, I am looking at schools from (maybe a biased) European point of view. I have had the pleasure visiting this school a couple of times and the reception is kind, warm, welcoming and positive. Do you know the feeling you can get when you enter a place and people half ignore you or that the people you talk to are not accessible? Well, that is not the case for this school. That first introduction is the first impression and that stays. The staff of this school did very well! The school is a brand-new international school, it is in the heart of TTDI, all facilities are new, the school is spacious, light (but freezing!) and welcoming. At the open days I visited, I had attention to how the children are. Sometimes I have the feeling that students are there because 'they have to', but in this case, the students were also there because they wanted to. They were friendly, helpful and giving everyone a proper tour around the school. I think this is important to mention as the students reflect and respond on how their relationship with the school (and especially the teachers) is. The main point I highly value, is that Aspiration does not emphasize "straight As for all subjects for everyone all the time". Now you might think, isn't that the purpose of an IGCSE school? Isn't that what I am paying for? No, from my (European view) it is not the main essence of education. Education is making progress in all aspects. All schools need to make sure that students are well equipped (in personal development and in academics) for them to function in society. It is utopia for any society to have only people from the best universities, with As all over. How can a society function without honesty, integrity, working together, solving problems, listening to each other, showing empathy and simply being kind? That is what schools are teaching too and that is super important as well. Academically, the most important of all is academic growth. We all start at 0. Then we learn and after many years some people will comprehend 8, some will comprehend 10, but some maybe only 6. However, the growth from 0 until the final result, if the student did everything they could together with the teachers, is worth celebrating. I have the feeling that Aspiration does celebrate every success as every success is worth celebrating. I have learnt that teachers and students together do what they can to get the best out of every student. That is what matters most. I am impressed, and if you are looking for a school for your child, please, do not skip Aspiration!

Google logoRating: 

Shee Hoi Ong, a year ago

Here they have comprehensive subjects to choose from. Teachers and students have good relationships.

Google logoRating: 

Suhad Ali, 5 months ago


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