Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada)
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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 

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Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) is accredited by the Nova Scotia Department of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada as a private institution operating in the United Arab Emirates. The school offers an enriching and challenging integrated program for approximately 1080 students from Pre-School to Grade 12. The KG to Grade 12 curriculum is taught entirely in English except for courses in French Language, Arabic Language and Islamic Studies for Muslim students. The unique socio-economic development of Abu Dhabi has given rise to the emergence of a diverse and multicultural society. The students who attend Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canada) come from highly diversified ethnic backgrounds.





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62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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Mayar Anas Jamil Jallad, 2 weeks ago

guys this is my 7 year and the school is amazing


Nour Nour Ali Salah Mahmoud Saleh, 11 months ago

ive been in this school for 9 years now and honestly its a really good school, yes it is expensive but its a really good school and like any place or any school it has issues but they are trying to make it better. Also there are people that talked about bullying and in every school there are bullies in all the schools so its not the schools fault that there are bullies, and they really help with trying to stop bullying. i recommend this school to any person that wants to learn and in the same time have fun.


Ah Med, 7 months ago

this school doesnt even deserve a star but you have to put one, education is really bad, food is disgusting, school doesnt have enough space or money, really dangerous because they have over 1100 students which is more than they can hold. DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL I AM TRYING TO HELP YOU.


Unknown User, 10 months ago

If you want your kids to suffer, this is the perfect place!! Been attending this school for over seven years, and i’ve been so miserable. I pray for those who are stuck in this school till they graduate.

62 other schools in Abu Dhabi

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