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Jan Storms, 22/03/2021 @ 00:00:23
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Music & Arts

A great school with a very caring school environment! Canadian curriculum offers an all-rounded education program that students can develop not just academically, but also based on their personal interest, I find this very important as nothing is more important than the happiness of the child.

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PY Storms, 3 weeks ago

A friendly school with a very multi-cultural student population and caring community. The school is very strong in STEAM and Science, students are encouraged to be innovative in many school projects.

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Michael Schueller, 3 weeks ago

This school is the best school ever! The facilities at DSC are very good and it is located in a good location which has a mall 1 minute away from the school!

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Chloe Chuloe, 4 weeks ago

~BARE WITH ME AND READ PLEASE~ Academics here are good, lots to learn an explore together. Unfortunately, there are also some problems with finding my place but I am okay now. My Favorite year was grade 5. The beginning of AP (Alternative program). This school will get you obsessed over the great people inside. Teachers are so amazing, they don't hit you or harm you. You have freedom that is also maintained well. Such as you can go out to eat when you are in secondary up, year 8/grade 7 to year 13/grade 12. This school is fantastic, you would feel just as home by the warmness you receive. The school has so many activities like Fun Fairs, Casual dress day that you can donate money for charity, Halloween dances and parties and lots more. They even wish you happy birthday. We also have houses in AP section and homeroom houses in secondary, which if your a big fan of Harry Potter, you might like. As you know now, because of the pandemic, some schools are having problems. But DSC handles it very well! We have online learning, the teachers are trying their best to support you. Learning is still very fun. You still receive the knowledge you need but also receive the ability to adapt to online learning and change. Thank you so much for your help teachers. Re-considering other things here I want to thank you my teachers and friends; Friends from Class 7-1 Spirits (We get to make our own class logo, mines this year was Spirits), Mrs. Marans (Teacher in grade 5-6AP), Ms. Melnikov (Ms. Mel, also teacher in grade 5), Mr. Softly, Mr. L. Hendrickse. And all my other teacher! If you ever come to this school, you will be greeted with a warm welcome. You will have the best time of your life, learning, discovering, finding friends but also, most importantly, having a terrific, fantastic childhood all the way to your teenage stage. (Delia School of Canada is also open to a lot of university around the world). P.S. - (People that say this school sucks or its bad, I am surprise because this school is awesome and if you guys who never went to this school, come and see for yourself you and would agree. I don't hate your opinion though, everyone's opinion matter, human rights ❤) Thanks for my years here, thanks for my years to come. ~Your Present DSC Student (I'm in secondary now)

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Jun Kit (Nicholas) Teoh, 2 months ago

I used to come to Hong Kong and I was in 2nd grade the facilities here are good but the teachers, teachers are so strict and it was a unbearable experience I was glad I was able to come back to my own country since the schools here have better teachers that use fun and educational way of learning.

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