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goli, 30/01/2020 @ 19:51:12

This is an amazing school with great techers. Not only they were experienced, they also genuinely care for the students and support them. We found that especially the math and science levels in the school was very advanced. There is a friendly atmosphere at school with kids coming from all over the world.

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hasan zungo, a year ago

One of the best schools in Berlin. Affordable and safe environment for your kids


Craft JJ, 3 years ago

I was the student here... This school is awesome!! I want to go there again. : )


karan lopd lope, 3 years ago



Stella Von Bonsdorff, a year ago

The teachers don‘t really know what they are teaching, the food is poor, the break area(playground) is extremely small. The school wastes money on a new juice machine that really wasn’t needed. If you really want to enjoy going to school and have a good work environment look elsewhere.

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