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International High School of Wroclaw 

5.0 from 7 reviews
Curriculum:IB Primary Language:English
Age Range:16 to 18 Max Class Size:Unknown

International High School of Wroclaw, together with Wroclaw International School and ATUT Bilingual Primary School form the oldest non-public school complex in Lower Silesia, established in 1990, just after the democratic changes in Central Europe. Our high school is based on ov... Read More

Wroclaw, Poland 

International Primary School 

5.0 from 4 reviews
Curriculum:English,IB Primary Language:English
Age Range:2 to 18 Max Class Size:Unknown

International Primary School (IPS)’ education strategy focuses on a holistic approach to learning while providing a high-quality and rigorous learning environment. We support our students in being responsible for their individual learning process. We believe that the process of l... Read More

Wroclaw, Poland 

Wroclaw International School 

4.9 from 6 reviews
Curriculum:IB Primary Language:English
Age Range:4 to 16 Max Class Size:Unknown

Wroclaw International School (WIS) is an IB World School and a not-for-profit school, established in 2002 as the first international school in South – Western Poland. The school offers a continuum of the IB programmes from Pre-School up to Grade 10. The WIS alumni can continue th... Read More

Wroclaw, Poland 
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