What makes the English International School stand out from other international schools in Moscow?

What makes the English International School stand out from other international schools in Moscow?

This is a question I am frequently asked by parents who are seeking the best international education for their child and it is a question I ask myself regularly. To answer the question as succinctly as possible, I was attracted to EIS by the schools’ values; ‘Safe, Challenged, Happy.’ We are different at EIS. We are small and that means we know our students well. This allows us to offer a personalised experience to all our students, no matter what their ability, how well they speak English or where they come from. Our values are part of our culture and our teaching staff are all here because they agree with, and uphold, the schools values. Essentially, we want our students to feel like they are an important part of their school community, listened to and respected, and as a result, they are happy.

We believe in educating the whole child. As well as providing the British National Curriculum, IGCSE’s and A Levels our students undertake a programme of personal, social and health education to prepare them for life beyond school. We provide extra-curricular activities such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, which builds resilience and independence in older students through a variety of activities such as voluntary work and expeditions. We have a very active School Council who raise money for good causes, produce events such as No Plastic Day to raise students’ awareness about environmental issues and represent students’ views in meetings with the leadership team.

We are a community of learners. Our Parent/Teacher Association encourages parents to engage in school life. Teaching staff are emboldened to develop their own skills through regular learning opportunities and students’ are inspired to learn independently, both inside and outside of school. All of this is what makes EIS Moscow stand out and makes us different.

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Ian Ryder

Ian has lived in three different countries with his family of five. He currently teaches ICT in an international school near Barcelona.


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